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Consultancy , Training and Assessment 


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  • Building leadership capability in complex systems

BCA offers a bespoke service to suit your organisational needs; this includes facilitating leadership development and planning days.

  • Coaching leaders to shape high performance team cultures

BCA can support your leaders to create and maintain a high-performance organisation culture by clarifying and communicating values, reinforcing positive behaviour, encouraging open communication, empowering employees, and collecting and acting on feedback. 

  • Building team capability

BCA will support your leaders to build a culture where learning is considered to be essential, meaningful and accessible.BCA facilitate team development programs, team building and team planning days.

  • Accelerating performance through coaching and practice leadership

BCA will provide your staff with training, guidance and mentoring to ensure best practice and improved outcomes for clients and service delivery. 

Leading change

Successful change is one of the biggest problems that most organisations face. Change is inevitable, without doing things differently, organisations are unlikely to succeed, or last. BCA will work with your agency to create a shared understanding of the change required to execute any new strategy, and how to best make it happen.

  • Influencing high-value client relationships with diverse communities specialising in CALD communities

BCA will support your organisation to strengthen relationships among people by promoting, restoring, maintaining, and enhancing the well-being of individuals, families, social groups, organisations, and communities. BCA work with diverse communities and specialise in working with CALD communities. BCA are skilled in working with diverse communities including those from a CALD background.


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BCA has a pool of qualified and experienced assessors who are skilled in identifying carers to support children and young people from diverse backgrounds including CALD communities.  BCA staff have extensive child protection experience. 

Kinship Assessments

BCA staff are trained to complete kinship assessments in Victoria and interstate.

Permanent Care Assessments

BCA staff are qualified and experienced social workers, and they are available to complete permanent care assessments.

BCA assessments and reports are exceptionally written, both in content and presentation and this is monitored through the BCA Quality Assurance team.

Foster Care Assessments 

Discover exceptional service with BCA. Our team of qualified and experienced social workers excel in providing comprehensive foster care assessments. We proudly serve diverse communities, recognising and appreciating the unique needs of each individual and family. With a robust understanding of cultural and socio-economic factors, we endeavor to find the best matches for foster children, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment. We're committed to changing lives, one child at a time. Join us on this fulfilling journey.

Training and Support 

Team work

Complex case reviews

BCA staff are skilled at completing complex case reviews with recommendations for future improvements. 

Family Group Meetings / Family Led Decision Making Meetings

BCA staff can facilitate safe, supported and respectful discussions in relation to case planning.  BCA convenors have extensive child protection experience in different capacities and are well versed with the child protection system in Victoria.  BCA staff are also skilled at facilitating these meetings with CALD communities and have a high success rate in relation to positive outcomes. 

Life Story Work

Children and young people who have experienced child abuse and neglect require an opportunity to reflect on their past, develop compassion for themselves and be supported to move on so that they can achieve their full potential.  BCA staff can complete therapeutic life story work with children and young people who are about to enter out of home care.

External Supervision

BCA staff offer external supervision to human services practitioners for example, psychologists,  child protection practitioners, social workers, community services workers, student social workers and the leadership group as required.

Consultancy, Training and Assessment: Our Programs
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