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About Us

Blossom Care Australia is an organisation that offers disability and aged care support.  We offer competent, compassionate and personalised services. Blossom recognises that living with a disability or being elderly can be extremely challenging, however this should not be a barrier to a fulfilling life. 

We understand that finding people you can trust with the welfare of your loved ones free from abuse, neglect and discrimination can be difficult. Our organisation takes our duty of care seriously.

Blossom is comprised of well-trained staff who work diligently with each participant to provide a safe environment where every participant can flourish. Blossom offers around-the-clock support from our experienced and specialised team as well as out-of-hours services that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer in home care, Short Term Accommodation (STA) and much more.

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Our Mission

Our mission is for every individual to be supported and empowered to reach their maximum potential and achieve their goals free from abuse, neglect and discrimination.

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